Why does #Inglewood have a gang injunction and not #Chicago

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Last night thirteen people, including a 3-year-old, were shot while hanging out in a local park late last night.  In 2012 Chicago racked up a total of 500 homicides with New York City recording 419, and Los Angeles, saw 299. 


The shooting occurred at 10 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET) in Cornell Square Park in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago, Chicago police spokesman Ron Gaines told NBC News.


The others wounded ranged in age from 15 to 41. Their injuries included gunshot wounds to the stomach, arm, leg, knee, wrists and buttocks. Their conditions ranged from serious to good early Friday, according to police.  The 3-year-old was shot in the ear and the bullet exited his mouth.

During Labor Day weekend there was a wave of killings with news outlets reporting a possible “retaliation” connection between these two incidents.

The FBI released statistics this week naming Chicago as the nations murder capital in 2012.

Echo Park and Inglewood have no where near the amount of crime as Chicago, but city officials are requesting gang injunctions?  Why hasn’t Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy  submitted a staff report to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, requesting pursuit of a gang injunction?

Would a gang injunction prevent this type of crime in Chicago?  Officers patrolling the park would have been able to ask the group of 13 why they were in the park, that late, with a 3-year-old?  If the park is closed after a certain hour, remind them and ask them to leave.  Proponents of gang injunctions argue these kinds of incidents support why they are needed.  Why doesn’t Chicago think so?  Is it because the crimes are primarily taking place in the south side of Chicago?  If we don’t care about our fellow neighbors lives, should the police?

Under an injunction, known gang members cannot associate with one another inside the area under the injunction. Gang members can attend school together, but cannot travel to and from school together. Owning a cellphone or a pager can violate the injunction, according to court documents.

Violating the terms of the gang injunction can lead to a misdemeanor charge.

McCarthy was very concerned about a recent law passing giving residents the right to carry concealed weapons.  He says officers make mistakes and this could increase unprovoked officer involved shootings.  Is this their way around the injunction?  Arming citizens to accidentally shoot them?


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  1. Bravo One says:

    that should give you a great clue about the true intention of what “Gang Injunctions” are really used for–a weapon of gentrification and the prison industrial complex.

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