Disappointed with local black newspaper

This week I was disappointed with the Los Angeles Wave.  I read their online news daily and pick up weekly editions over at Carlton Square.  I read Olu’s articles on Inglewood Unified School District and have extensively referenced Soulvine articles regarding our Inglewood politicians.  So I couldn’t understand why there was not a single mention of Markeis Parish’s senseless death on their website.

On Saturday, July 20th, Inglewood High School student Markeis Parish was killed by a hit-and-run driver while attempting to cross the street.  The paper had an opportunity to add to the pleas to assist local officials with finding Markeis’ killer.  Inglewood USD sent out an announcement about a car wash being held this Saturday at Inglewood High School to assist family with burial costs, but also to assist with spreading the word to help his grieving family.  Of course the information couldn’t have made the print edition but it could very well have been added to the website.  They update that mostly every day.

I’m very disappointed that the paper chose to ignore the opportunity to alert the public about Markeis.  He lost his life in Los Angeles in a horrific manner.  Images of the silver Mercedes-benz  had the entire windshield busted out.  Markeis was knocked out of his socks and shoes and drug for a block.  Markeis just made 18.  Not only do our kids have to worry about gangs but now they can’t walk to the store without wondering if another car is going to come speeding down Crenshaw Bl. and hit them too?

Hopefully efforts to have either a stop light or pedestrian crossing lane with flashing lights, run on solar power, will be installed to ease the comfort of not only the residents who attempt to cross the street but also for the many residents who live along Crenshaw Bl.

We can’t let another murderer escape prosecution.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact LAPD South Traffic Detectives Mendoza or Yount at (323) 421-2500 or (323)421-2540.


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  1. “Images of the silver Mercedes-benz had the entire windshield busted out.”

    Can you post a link to these images?

    • UrbanGirl says:

      The footage of the car with the windshield bashed is included in the news coverage.

      Urban Girl

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