Daily Breeze clears up the confusion about the Carson stadium deal

Los-Angeles-Stadium-proposal-in-Carson-CA2 Urban Girls  has embarked on an ongoing discussion of environmental concerns associated with developing on contaminated land.  In today’s Daily Breeze wrote an article titled “Clearing up some questions about Carson stadium project” which addresses “confusion” surrounding the site and if the Sand Diego Chargers are really buying it or not.

The article clearly was meant to address concerns 2 Urban Girls brought up concerning the viability of developing on the well-known contaminated land.  In our article titled “Should you develop closed landfills” 2 Urban Girls sought input from engineers who run open/closed landfills.

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The Daily Breeze article confirmed what we laid out:

  1. Redevelopment funds have and will be spent on the clean up of the land;
  2. Remediation efforts are NOT complete and more will be done upon final confirmation of a team relocating.

The author cited “NFL” sources they have been interested in purchasing the land for awhile but haven’t.  Are the environmental issues the obstacle?

The initial articles describing the environmental issues of the site are written by the author’s colleage, who also works for the Daily Breeze.  Was he in esscence challenging her?

The most important piece of information conveyed in the article is, the San Diego Chargers are legally bound to purchase the land.


Yes, and it’s incorrect to say the Chargers have an “option” to buy the land. They are subject to a binding purchase and sale agreement, and they have to buy the land.

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