Congresswoman Maxine Waters raises eyebrows with entertainment purchases

LA Foucs recently published a statement from Congresswoman Maxine Waters regarding $10k in campaign funds that was spent on show tickets to see the musical Hamilton.  Her office attributed the expense to “fundraising”.  The median household income in Mrs. Waters congressional district is $44,230.

From LA Foucs:

Rep. Maxine Waters has issued a response to reports that her campaign committee reportedly paid $10,000 for tickets to the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” and wrote the payment off as a fundraiser expense.
Addressing the reports raised by various media outlets hinting at impropriety, Waters released the following statement:
“This is ordinary fundraising activity.  Fundraisers are held by many Members of Congress on football games, hockey games, baseball games, concerts like Beyoncé or Katy Perry, and other live events.  Participants in these kinds of fundraisers contribute amounts in excess of the price of the underlying ticketed event. While my campaign spent in this instance $10,000 on the tickets for a play, it raised ten times more in contributions.”
“These fundraising activities are similar and sometimes less expensive than the amount of money a candidate would spend to host a fundraising dinner within a private room at a restaurant or hotel — once you factor in associated catering costs. There was nothing improper or unusual about the expenditure.”

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