Former Congressional staffer caught taking bribes inside of Compton City Hall

Michael Kimbrew with Gloria Allred

A felon’s son was recently arrested for taking bribes inside of Compton City Hall.  Congresswoman Jahn Hahn abruptly closed her office and residents thought Michael Kimbrew transferred.  These events took place as the allegations against Kimbrew rippled through the Hub City starting in 2015.

Michael Kimbrew, son of (Chef) Basil Kimbrew,  was arrested for taking bribes from illegal marijuana dispensaries inside City Hall.  The $5,000 amount was to ensure the dispensary wouldn’t be “shut down”.

Compton residents alerted this blog, back in 2015, that Kimbrew was preparing to go to the Compton city council to encourage the legalization of marijuana, for one shop in particular.

Kimbrew continues to work on political campaigns via his daily email list “The Friends of the African-American Caucus”.

The Daily Breeze reported he works currently for “Kimbrew Consulting” but all references to his current and former employment with Congresswoman Hahn have been scrapped from his LinkedIn account.

Eerily,  the elder Kimbrew was convicted in 2007 of continuing to work on campaigns, despite being ordered by a judge not to.  The elder Kimbrew served two years in prison as a direct result.

His son faces 18 years if convicted.

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