Compton’s Residents Prepare to Vote for a New Mayor

This coming Tuesday, June 4th, the Compton residents have a huge decision to make.  They will be voting for a new mayor to lead the city.  It is no secret that I am a Omar Bradley supporter and have been prior to his announcing his candidacy.  Who even saw Aja Brown coming?

Aja Brown has an illustrious background that includes two degrees from USC, but Omar Bradley also has two degrees from good old California State University, Dominguez Hills, which is were most residents of Compton, and many current and former elected officials from Compton, received degrees.  Do degrees matter to the residents?  Apparently not.  They continue to elect Douglas Saunders for City Treasurer who every election cycle is about to finish that one last class.

Aja Brown states she has helped with economic development in both Compton and Inglewood.  Last time I checked neither city has a façade program for the small business owners. And what happened to that Enterprise Zone designation Compton had to attract new business. Omar Bradley has a record of bringing in the casino, establishing the bus service and keeping city streets free of potholes.  It was recently revealed back in April 2012, an audit of Measure R funds showed that the funds that where to be used to fill potholes and upgrade the transportation infrastructure were used on ineligible projects.

[ Measure R Oversight Committee Finds Compton’s Measure R Funds Misspent ]

The only advantage Aja Brown has over Omar Bradley is she has never went to jail.  Omar Bradley was accused by the LA County District Attorneys office of misappropriating $7500 of Compton’s money.  The amount of $7500 must be the DA’s standard amount to charge elected officials for Inglewood Unified School District board member Trina Williams was also charged with misappropriating $7500 of IUSD funds but would later have charges dropped due to IUSD “accounting errors”.  We all know Omar Bradley went to jail and had to fight for years to get his charges dropped.  Why did they go so hard on Omar and not Ms. Williams?  Does this give any credence to complaints that former DA Cooley was prosecuting people out of favor as opposed to what was legal and just?

[ Trina Williams Vindicated on All Charges (2011) ]

Omar Bradley is constantly referred to as the “gangsta” mayor due to his size but Compton has repeatedly been referred to as the “gangsta” capital of the world.  Gangs are a real problem in the area and you need someone from the community who lives amongst them daily and understands the challenges that they as black men face.  Omar Bradley has stuck through the city through thick and thin.  On the other hand, in a recent LA Times article, Aja Brown admits to growing up in Altadena and never thought she would be back in the “area” living and working.

The bottom line, Omar Bradley didn’t cause this decade of decline in Compton nor the deficit.  Compton needs someone willing to be in the city full-time.  Good or bad.  Willing and able to serve the residents full-time, not just when it serves a political purpose.



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  1. omarrashad says:

    i have nerver in my life heard or rather read such lies! but i will tell you this. MsJ, My father NEVER refered to himself as the King of Compton! That was the title of an article by the L.A. Weekly, whom supported Eric Perrodin! Secondly, every credit card expense must be approved by the city manager after being viewed by the city attorney. The city attorney must tell the manager first if the credit card expense we legal or not. You keep talking about golf balls and I’m tired of repeating that the city rasied money to give Dominguez High boys basketball team nation championship rings! Two of those palyers are currently in the NBA. There was also a parade for them! So much for supporting the children. My father was councilman for Two years before ascending to Mayor. During that time, the 92′ riots occured.
    ayor Tucker was attending his mothers birthday party and my father took the lead. While rebuilding the scorched Taco Bell in 48hr, a world record, Compton under my fathers’ leadership became #25 in the country, not the county for new business growth. He created operation redirect, hiring ex-cons to rejuvenate empty and abandoned homes thus raising property value. He made the alameda corridor go underground so that you MsJ would not have to be on Compton Blvd for an hour and a half waiting on a train to pass. he brought in the sheriff’s saving 9million a year. The current mayor wanted the compton P.D. back as evidence of the numerous ballot measures to bring them back, he was a compton p.d. his brother was a
    the captain. My dad messed up their money he went to prison for it because the mayor is a deputy D.A. If it were not true then he wouldn’t have given his brother the public saftey job at 100,000 a year! (i hope MsJ isn’t Jana Zurita but possibly). If not the bottom line is Compton is better because of my father, no one from Altadena needs to be in Compton holding a rally featuring Mark Riddley Thomas, it only proves that the county does want compton. Its funny that the same unions and people that supported the current mayor now support her! I guess they know how to pick em’! drop the negativity! the first gun buy back program in california, Bradley. The first transportation system where drivers are compton mothers (single by the way) Bradley. So, when the currrent mayor pops up at a coouncil meeting for the first time durring the vote for the credit cards that they didn’t even have and says someone is going to jail! Yeah FISHY! But thats ok, if Ajalena Brown wins after four jobs in four years in four different cities, good for her. but it can’t be ten years because that would make her 21. I personally can’t vote for anyone that isn’t from here and was eleven durring the riots. that means she watched on t.v. from altadena! Peace

  2. MsJ says:

    The mayor and city council are responsible for hiring the mayor. It is not the city manager’s responsibility to provide the mayor with any orientation or briefing on the city charter. The council and mayor should ask for guidance in the intrepretation of the charter, ordinances or municipal codes from the city attorney.

    We all who witnessed Omar’s tenure as mayor know that he doesn’t listen to anyone. He believes that he is the King, and whatever he says and does is allowed because he is KING!

    And who believes that movies, golf, clothing, cigar purchases, and all those other charges that he used a city credit card, were necessary purchases while on official duty in or out of the City.

    Interested voters need to take a look back at the entire history of Omar’s tenure as mayor. Don’t just look at his conviction, or the fact that the city had fewer potholes, trees were trimmed etc. Take a look at his behavior, his temperament,take a look at the case that the city settled where he was alleged to have sexually harassed an employee, take a look at how unfairly employees were treated, and take a look at the fact that he is still facing a second trial on charges of misappropriating public funds.

    Omar is the wrong person for mayor. We deserve better!

  3. MsJ says:

    If you are truly interested in the City of Compton, and not just interested in promoting the “King of Compton” (aka Omar Bradley), you would probably be able to see that Aja Brown is by far the best one to lead our city. I can hardly wait to call her, Mayor Brown.

    Do you really believe that anyone who is as smart as Omar claims, that he didn’t know that he was doing wrong when he used city funds for whatever…? And if he really didn’t know that it was wrong, this is who you would vote for as mayor. Unbelievable!

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Unfortunately I am no longer a city of compton resident and therefore can not vote in tomorrows election. I will say this. Council members rotate in, it is the job of the City Manager to brief them and orientate them to the rules of decorum.

      I.E. when you start a new job you get an orientation as to what is/isn’t acceptable. With the rate that compton hires/fires the city managers, its pretty conceivable some instructions fell by the waist side.

      In Inglewood, a school board member was also charged with misappropriating money, coincidentally the same amount they said Bradley misapplied, but the school board member had charges dropped.

      Aja Brown is definitely a great candidate to be given much consideration in this race. She is qualified and if she is succesful, I am wondering who her two allies will be on the dais to help make her vision a reality.

      All 2UrbanGirls wants the residents to do is VOTE.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      The City of Compton charter clearly states:

      Section 504.
      Compensation of Members of the City Council, Various Boards and Commissions. The members of the City Council shall receive reimbursement for necessary traveling and other expenses when on
      official duty out of the City on order of the City Council In addition, members of the City Council, and the Mayor, shall receive a salary of Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00) per month.

      Full text of the charter is here

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