Compton’s mayor is in another magazine

Aja_BrownCompton Mayor Aja Brown has appeared in more magazines than any other elected official I know.  From Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise and Vogue, a recent article in Los Angeles Magazine shares Brown’s view that Compton is the “new” Brooklyn and ready for a renaissance.

It is clear Mayor Brown is quite media savvy and hopefully her 100 day report card will include actual work being done in the City.

Compton is making strides in addressing prostitution by introducing an ordinance to stop hourly motel room rentals.  The ordinance would also allow law enforcement officials to randomly check the motel for who is registered as a guest.

Compton recently sponsored the Metro Blue Line Farmers Market increasing healthy food options for the community.

Compton also passed a resolution whereas infrastructure projects being done in the city must have at least 50% of their workers being city residents.

In all of the articles written, the primary focus is “she won in a landslide”.  Why aren’t the writers including the active projects she is working on?

Elected officials have still yet to address issues posed in this recent expose.

One thing to keep in mind.  Just as the city is trying to shake their “gangsta rap” image, the city has no qualms in having rappers participate in Compton Unified School District giveaways to the students and are also looking for ways for those who made it “out” of Compton, to become charitable donors.

Gangsta rap isn’t the cause of Compton’s woes.  Decades of mishandling city funds is Compton’s problem.  Don’t knock gangsta rap.  It’s what put Compton on the map.  Worldwide!

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