Compton Wakes Up to New Leadership

ComptonOn June 4th, the City of Compton residents elected a new Mayor and a new Councilmember for the 2nd District.

Isaac Galvan, 2nd District

Isaac Galvan, 2nd District

Isaac Galvan went up against Lillie Dobson and was elected the cities first Latino in the cities more than 100 year history.


Mayor Aja Brown

Aja Brown, another political newcomer, was also victorious over former mayor Omar Bradley.  Brown campaigned on having a VISION to move the city out of the barbaric reputation it has amassed over the years so that the city can move forward in a positive direction.

Urban planner Aja Brown got 63.7% of the vote to become the new mayor while Omar Bradley  received 36.2% of the vote.  The people have spoken and they are ready for cronyism and nepotism to end!  With nearly 45,000 registered voters, total voter turnout was a dismal 9%.  I would expect to see that number change in the coming years due to the new synergy between city hall and Compton USD.  Mrs. Brown spent time talking to students at the local high schools on the importance of voting which will hopefully lead to many more registered voters in the crucial 18-21 age group.

Brown had the support of many high level elected officials who helped propel her to victory.  Having worked on Brownfield initiatives, the residents are looking forward to vacant lots being developed and a new sense of prosperity in the air.

I am excited about the potential of what a thriving Compton will look like.  I would also be willing to speculate that Mrs. Brown will have no problems gaining the votes needed by her colleagues to get projects approved.  The outgoing mayor may have “birthed a new Compton” but Aja Brown is leading the way to Compton’s growing up.

Congratulations again to Mayor-Elect Aja Brown and Councilmember Isaac Galvan.

You may view the unofficial election results here.

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