Compton Swearing-In Ceremony

Mayor-Elect Aja Brown

Mayor Aja Brown

Yesterday the City of Compton had a ceremony to swear in the new elected officials.  Yvonne Arceneaux, Isaac Gavlan and new Mayor, Aja Brown.

2UrbanGirls wasn’t able to attend but would love for you to leave some feedback about the event.

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  1. Dawn11 says:

    Enjoyed ceremony.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Thank you for the feedback? Was it well attended? Was there a good balance between the african-americans and latinos?


      • Grace says:

        I saw more African Americans than Latinos but it was pretty even. I think Galvan brought the mariachi. The sound quality was pretty bad. It was a really hot day in the city of Compton, but it was great, too. Brown said she’d work toward cleaning the city up and Galvan mentioned he’d look in to lowering those water bills.

        • UrbanGirl says:

          What are you looking forward to changing most with new leadership on the council? Do you expect to see better race relations within the community now that a Latino has been elected?

          Urban Girl

  2. MsMae says:

    It was a very nice ceremony, nothing extravagant, done with tasteful simplicity.The diversity of the city was on display on the stage and in the audience. Very nice speeches given by Mayor Brown and Councilperson Galvan. I felt things are looking up for the city

    • UrbanGirl says:

      The feelings are mutual Ms. Mae. The residents have longed for the day that Compton will return to its former glory. Hopefully downtown Compton and businesses along Compton Blvd. are revitalized soon.


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