Compton Sheriff’s department justifies recent shooting

thA salacious email was forwarded to this blog concerning a recent shooting in the city of Compton.  Borrowing from a recent Dr. Dre song off his latest album “Compton”, he makes a valid point.  “…and though the mayor and four of the five council members are Black, they have been unable to solve the problems of crime and growing welfare which is slowly turning suburban Compton into an extension of the Black inner city…”  Captain Michael Thatcher provides context to the event he describes as a “civil unrest” which lead to an officer involved shooting along Wilmington Ave. August 26th.  He went further to allege the victims gang affiliation played a role in his demise.

The mayor and council have been on break during the month of August, however, the mayor did address marijuana issues, with the local newspaper, earlier this week but has remained quiet on the multiple shootings of Compton residents by LASD deputies and FBI agents serving warrants.  The email from Capt. Thatcher to the mayor and council is being published in its entirety.

Subject: Civil unrest and deputy involved shooting information

Sirs ad Ma’ams,

In the wake of a small civil unrest event that took place last night near Wilmington Avenue and Arbutus Street, I wanted to make you aware of a concern of mine as well as provide you with some details about the deputy involved shooting that took place August 25th in that area.

Last night at approximately 11:00 P.M., a group of approximately 50-60 people, mostly Cedar Park Piru gang members and their associates, blocked Wilmington Avenue with trash cans and trash causing traffic to stop.   Two young women, with a baby in the car, were stopped.  A female adult (suspect) opened the driver’s door and punched the driver in the left eye.  The women and baby exited the car and walked away to escape.  There were some in the crowd who encouraged the group to be left alone while others repeatedly yelled, “This is Piru.”  The womens’ car was then set on fire while parked in the street.

Deputies broke up the group and assisted the fire department as they extinguished the fire.

It typically makes me feel very uncomfortable to share information about persons who have been shot to death by our deputy personnel.  This was an extremely unfortunate and tragic occurrence for all involved and it is typically best to let the investigation be conducted without such information being made “public.”

I am going to share some information with you about Mr. Taylor.  I am doing this with a clear understanding that Mr. Taylor’s past or his choices in life should not dictate his treatment by those of us in law enforcement however, after you read this information, view the contents of the below links and open the attachment photo of some of the graffiti that popped up yesterday, I believe you will be more understanding of the challenges we face in general and the specific ones faced with this occurrence.

Mr. Taylor was an active Cedar Block Piru gang member.  His moniker was “Tay Dog.”   He had an extensive criminal record and was released from county jail  this past February after having been convicted of an ex-felon in possession of a gun charge.   It was a felony conviction and in light of AB109, he served his time in the county jail rather than prison.  He was on non-revocable parole for this case at the time of his death.

The below links are a photo of Mr. Taylor in possession of a gun in his left front pants pocket, it was released on Instagram on 07-20-16 and a video with Mr. Taylor riding in a car with young men who are also flashing gang signs, with one in possession of a gun, it was released on 07-30-16.


Thank you.

Michael E. Thatcher, Captain
Compton Station
301 S. Willowbrook Avenue
Compton, Ca, 90220

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s bull tone fullest. You don’t shoot anyone because if what they my or may not be. There is no such gang as cedar park piru. And I traveled that street on that nite approximately that time I didn’t see blocked streets I could be blind or was sleep driving. Maybe it happened after I passed by that’s possible. We need our OWN department back to be able to hold them accountable for there actions.

    • Mr Wright says:

      I also was on the streets at that location at that time and didn’t see anyone blocking the streets , didn’t see a auto burning. I didn’t see anything that resembles a CIVIL UNREST. lets say the young man was a gang member, lets just say he was just released from prison, lets just say his nick name is tae dog, Does it give a law enforcement officer to shoot a person because of what or whom they may or may not be? seem to me you knew who he was and this is what you wanted to do. i did see the sheriffs search for 3 days for a gun that didn’t exist. WAKE UP COMPTON. where is the outrage where is the peaceful protest. NO ONE CARES HUH. we cant just except and just lay down to whats being shoved down out throats. only council that gave a damn was the first dist.

      • 2urbangirls says:

        You see this is where your city council comes in. The streets TALK. If they truly live where they supposed to, they would hear the chatter in the streets and probably would have shown up at the scene, like former mayor omar bradley is known for doing. Show up talk to those who were there and comfort the family. I don’t see that kind of public showing of support with this council. Despite some of them living there most of their lives.

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