Compton School Board urges parents to take part in policy making

(Photo Credit: Los Angeles Public Library)

(Photo Credit: Los Angeles Public Library)

**reprinted article by Ed Coghlan from CAFwd**

This ain’t your grandfather’s Compton anymore.

One of the positive by-products of transparent government is that people can ensure that they know what is going on in their government. The end result should, theoretically, be better public policy. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s why California Forward is devoting so much time and space to promoting transparency. We believe an open government helps create a more accountable government.

Some California cities and school districts are showing leadership in transparency. A recent video story from Vallejo  we produced showed how the city’s residents are involved in making direct decisions about how to spend sales tax revenue. This public participation idea was worth promoting given that Vallejo is a city that once declared bankruptcy and now serves as an example of good governance.

In Compton, a city that also has had a colorful past when it comes to government accountability, the school board recently took a different twist on transparency. Like the city of Vallejo, the Compton School Board has taken government to the people.

It was the brainchild of Board President Micah Ali, who in December established new Board committees where parents and other residents directly participated in fact-finding and policy making.

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