Community questions ethics of new Compton school board trustee

cusdLast month Compton residents went to the polls to fill three seats on the Compton School board.  Two incumbents were re-elected and a Los Angeles County Probation Officer was added, to the seven member body.  Video footage has surfaced that alludes to the officer of the court, filing a false police report.

Sandra Moss was one of the top three vote getters, in the November 3rd election and was supported by Mayor Aja Brown.

When reached by phone, Ms. Moss was eager to set the record straight.  The video depicts her son being less than respectful to the judge and was adamant about her son being an adult, at the time of the 2010 taping.  She attributes the footage to “tv editing” and the judge trying to get a rise out of her son.  She admits she is embarrassed by the entire situation.

She further added, “I expect every child, who enters my campus, to be respectful of adults and law enforcement, at all times.”  Ms. Moss has worked on more than a dozen campuses, during her career, which spans over two decades.  She states she has an exemplary and verifiable work record.

Allegations surrounding the filing of the police report were not discussed.


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  1. Robert Ray says:

    Too bad this show didn’t air prior to the school board election. But, has anyone noticed that almost all of the candidates supported by Mayor Aja Brown have ‘questionable’ backgrounds? Here’s another one.

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