Compton residents raise funds to recount Measure P ballots

unnamedDear Fellow Compton Citizens:

We as a community pooled resources in just three days and were successful in raising $4000.00 in order to conduct an election recount. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who wished us well or were able to actually contribute to our continued effort to repeal Measure P by any means necessary. Being able to amass this type of funding means we mean business and you mean business, too.

$4000 represents the very expensive charges levied by Los Angeles county just to conduct one day of recounting. As it turns out, it would require several days at several thousand dollars per day to recount all of the ballots for Measure P to turnover the entire election. However, we achieved our goal to survey, sample, and investigate the internal process, so we will now proceed with our next step with your further assistance. Look for additional details to be provided in the future as soon as they become available.
We will also be sending our expressed sentiments in writing to the Secretary of State to protest how such an expensive-costing system like this on the local level deprives citizens of an honest chance to right injustice. You essentially have citizens paying the government a second time to conduct business citizens have already paid for the first time, when the only one with money pockets this deep is the government using citizen money–if you can follow and believe such a one-sided reality.
In the meantime, here is our new sign: REVOLT, RECALL, REPEAL.
Remember Martin Luther King did not march just once, you have to be in the struggle for the long haul–and with your help, we still are!!
Thank you everyone, again. Your support lifts the spirit and restores the soul.
Remember to continue to check-out our page for updates.
Each one, reach one, teach one.
“Never Give Up, Never Surrender.”
“You Got to Fight the Powers That Be.”
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