Compton residents hold Gang Truce at Gonzalez Park

images“I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong. Than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”
Malcolm X

On what would have been Malcolm X‘s 88th birthday, Compton residents celebrated in a unique way – they held a “Gang Truce” in Gonzalez Park.  The event was held to not only stop the violence, but also to promote a peaceful way to approach conflict resolution amongst the gangs themselves.  Why are gang truces and peace treaties needed?  Many of our youth are introduced to gangs at an early age.  In order to discourage gang activity, you must include the gangs themselves.  Peace treaties are a step in the right direction to allow kids who are not involved in gangs, the ability to walk down the street and/or play in the local parks, without fear.  We received this observation from someone in attendance.

There were Pirus from East and West Compton and Crips from Compton and Long Beach together in peace at Gonzales Park.

Music, bar b que from the finest hood bar b kings who were seasoning and preparing hot links on the grill with a white plastic fork.  Now that’s hood.

Various motorcycle clubs with younger and elder members made their loudest presence known.

The theme in the air seemed to be preparing a better future for the youth.  The youths were present in the playground area of the park on swings and slides.

There was no sign of  tension, rather, love and care filled the park.  It was as if the community was waiting to be led.  Ready to be led.

Today was a great day for Compton on the birth date of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabaaz).

Conversations about Compton and Long Beach coming together with free passage into Watts, Compton, Long Beach and vice versa began to be continued at selected residence meetings that were set on the grass of the park during the gang truce.  We needed this day.

For those who were not present, they can feel the presence of peace in the city spread by those who were present.  The intention of brother and sister hood beat through the veins of Compton today.  There is work to do.  Even more exciting is the people who showed up to Gonzalez park willing to collaborate to get the work done.”

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