Compton residents 2Urban Girls needs your help!

Show us the money!  Compton will hold elections on Tuesday, April 18th.  With so many candidates running for the seats, it is quite cumbersome to reach out to them all.  So we are asking you, our valued readers, to pass this message along to them.

2 Urban Girls has read how the local newspaper is charging candidates for interviews.  We are not.

If you are a candidate, and are interested in having your thoughts published on why residents should vote for you, 2 Urban Girls will happily post you response to this question and this question only.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS TO BRING IN REVENUE TO THE CITY and HOW will you work with your colleagues to get it done?

You will be required to review the city’s budget and come up with obvious and not so obvious ways to increase city revenue.  It’s great if you want to implement youth councils, be transparent, etc. etc., however, we rarely if at all hear candidates discuss HOW they will bring in revenue.

Send your responses to and put “COMPTON CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE” in the subject line.

Responses will be compiled into one article.  Thank you!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)


4 Responses so far.

  1. 2urbangirls says:

    If any candidates need assistance fundraising, one of your neighbors have offered their assistance (see below)

    “Renee Marie Shepherd I am a professional fundraiser and a Compton resident. I would be glad to pitch in where needed.”

    2 Urban Girls says THANK YOU Renee for your offer! #community

  2. Lynn says:

    Thank You 2Urban Girls, I will be responding as well.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    I will definitely be responding to your question via email. Thank you for asking.

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