Compton recall heats up

Compton recall supporters have until August 15th to submit signatures to City Clerk Alita Godwin’s office.  The intended target is Councilwoman Janna Zurita who represents District 1.

Folks on the ground interpret this recall as a way to thwart her efforts to maintain the full ban on marijuana in the city.

Petition signature gatherers have been videod stating that Compton Mayor Aja Brown is behind the recall due to Councilwoman Zurita not wanting $6 million in grant monies to go towards street repairs.

Residents may recall that prior to Ms. Brown’s election, Councilwoman Zurita saved the city from bankruptcy via an emergency $5 million dollar loan against their property tax rolls.  This action was sanctioned by LA County.

Ms. Zurita has exhibited questionable behavior on the dais, during her tenure.  She gave the finger to Lorraine Cervantes during a city council meeting, she had a public meltdown during a council meeting last month and has dodged questions surrounding her residency since day one.

Longtime Compton resident and former council candidate Robert Ray told 2 Urban Girls, “I don’t live in the 1st. District, but neither does Janna Zurita. But having said that, with the exception of her controlling her emotions, she is not a bad councilperson. Aja Brown is the one who needs to be recalled.”

Resident Herron Carillo says simply “She is not fit to lead our community.”

No sitting elected official in Compton has EVER been successfully recalled.  Will Ms. Zurita be the first?  The streets say Emma Shariff is up next.

Videos below depict a signature gatherer misinforming the public while the other was created by the self proclaimed “Compton Watchdog” who captured Ms. Zurita’s public meltdown and whose motto is “Janna Zurita has got to go”.

Will you be supporting the recall?  Why or why not?


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