Compton NAACP needs your help

comptonThanks to realignment, the City of Compton has received their fair share of CA prisoners released back into city limits.  Last week Royce Esters, head of NAEJA was calling on law enforcement officials to address the recent spike in crime and now Paulette Simpson-Gipson, of the Compton branch of the NAACP, wants law enforcement to address the high number of young women being used as sex slaves.

Tonight at 6pm, the Compton NAACP will hold a press conference near the Hub Motel at 714 S. Long Beach Blvd where the alleged prostitution, involving young women, has been allegedly taking place.

Many of the elected officials in Compton, including former mayor Eric Perrodin, are members of the Compton branch.  Prostitution has long been an issue in not only Compton, but also in Inglewood and Los Angeles.

Should prostitution be made legal if women want to sell their body for money?  Is that their right?  How is prostitution any different from a minor purchasing Plan B pills over the counter or consenting to an abortion?

Are Compton’s residents resorting to crime and prostitution since there aren’t that many jobs in Compton?  When does the job training resume over on Bullis?

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