Compton mayor passess 100 day mark

Aja_BrownCompton mayor Aja Brown came on the scene out of nowhere.  Yes, she had a strong background in government, but was a relative newcomer to politics.  Having previously served on the Planning Commission for the City of Pasadena, Brown stunned Compton residents by defeating former mayors Eric Perrodin and Omar Bradley.

2UrbanGIrls became aware of Ms. Brown the old-fashioned way.  Her name appeared on the certified list of candidates.  2UrbanGirls was one of the first media sources to interview her, following her appearance on Compton’s Hub City Radio.  She has since removed 2UrbanGIrls interview from her website.

Overall, Ms. Brown’s first 100 days have been on target.  Compton has a farmers market, revenue has tripled from the Casino, second phase of Gateway Town Center has commenced and the residents have warmed up to her.

Jo Morales, from the Richland Farms community, is optimistic about Ms. Brown stating, “…If Brown keeps up her momentum, I think we will be in good shape.”

Brown ran a campaign of changing the image of Compton.  The first step is getting her name out there.  2UrbanGirls received many inquiries into Ms. Brown, from people who neither vote nor have an interest in politics.

The word is out.  There is a new mayor in town and the future is bright!


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