Compton mayor is a media darling

Mayor-Elect Aja Brown

Mayor-Elect Aja Brown

can recall that during the mayoral election in the City of Compton, activist Joyce Kelly famously declared at a city council meeting “…the city didn’t need a pretty face in office” well I am sorry to tell you, the pretty face has become a media darling and is enticing businesses BACK!

Appearing multiple times on KTLA, recent articles in Essence, Jet and Vogue, Mayor Aja Brown is showing she is more than a pretty face.  She is articulate, well-groomed and giving Compton a much-needed image boost.  And for once, the mayor isn’t in the news for foolishness, but to promote business.

Compton is known as a gang city.  Compton is known for having a “gangsta” mayor.  Now Compton is being known for more positive images, starting with Aja Brown herself.

In all of the years of following Compton, I have NEVER recalled former mayors Omar Bradley or Eric Perrodin, garnering so much POSITIVE press.  Brown is positive and is making rapid changes in the city.  From a Farmers Market, to her controversial Community Policing Plan, Brown is on target to fulfill her campaign promises during her first term.

Did Compton residents finally get it right?


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  1. Jo Morales says:

    I think we just aren’t used to having a Mayor who does “Mayor stuff”. Time will tell. We can only hope for the best. Try as I might, I just don’t like her. LOL I don’t have to like her if she gets the job done.

    • Admin says:

      Mayor Brown has to do more than be a face on television. She has to implement policies to cut wasteful spending, like council receiving paychecks during the month of August when they are “off”. Decreasing payments for council members who do not attend meetings. Decreasing payments for meetings with no agenda other than approving minutes from previous meetings. The travel allowances. Has Danny Bakewell paid back the money he owes the city? You know, little things like that.

      She is heading in the right direction, but will also need to address the very issues, that other council members abused, which got her elected in the first place.

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