Compton Mayor featured in Elle Magazine

ajaCompton Mayor Aja Brown is telling it like it is.  In a recent article that appeared in Elle Magazine titled “AJA BROWN WANTS TO TURN COMPTON INTO THE “NEW BROOKLYN she discusses her frustration with getting information out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and also gives insight as to what is brewing behind the dais.  Although I have to disagree with her trying to pass off former Mayor Omar Bradley’s brainchild as her own revelation.

As a student at St. Michael’s, I would read the Metro section of the L.A. Times, every morning before school and Mayor Bradley and the City of Compton were regular stories.  I remember reading about Mayor Bradley’s gang programs where he hired ex felons and they cleaned the medians and picked up trash from the alleys.  At the time the council had a threshold of contracts that stated if they were over $5,000 the full council had to vote to approve.  He outsmarted them and awarded them at $4,999.  Am I wrong?  That was the beginning of his troubles.

Here is an excerpt from Mayor Brown’s most recent article.  Sorry Mayor Brown, I have to tell it like I remember it.

Not everyone in Compton thinks the mayor is so fabulous, and as [Eric] Bauman says, “She’s still struggling to get control of her city.” It’s an allusion to Brown’s political opposition. Perhaps the most vocal member of this is Janna Zurita, one of Compton’s four city council members.


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