Compton I’m Lovin’ It

comptonI like the new energy coming out of the City of Compton.  The school board is humming along making all kinds of progress in advancing the education of the cities residents.  There is a renewed sense of faith in the council and the city itself appears to be headed in the right direction.  Increasing staff in various departments to better serve residents while allowing an opportunity for promotions within the current staff population.

As the council prepares to go dark for the month of August, one of the newest council members has brought some negative attention to the city due to his questionable actions.  As a result of an investigative story by Abby Sewell with the LA Times, residents were made aware of his many blunders that could dampen the excitement once felt towards his presence.

Within three days of the story coming to surface, the City of Compton elected’s and upper management made no comments on the allegations.  They impressed us all by their actions when it was announced the individual was fired yesterday.

It’s clear the city is working on repairing its image by being proactive and nipping this situation in the bud.  They have more important things to respond to like what’s LAFCO going to report on changing the boundaries of Compton?  Will Rancho Dominguez be fully annexed?

Kudos to city manager Harold Duffey who did the right thing at the right time.  Abby attempted to reach the councilman but he had to collect his thoughts.  Who’s got next sir?

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