Compton Elections: Unofficial Results

Compton residents are a gluton for punishment.  Despite the city’s woes: $3.7 million missing taxpayer dollars, Compton’s declaration of a fiscal emergency, lack of enforcement of the city charter/municipal code and no new development in the city, residents are poised to re-elect the very same leadership they so tirelessly complain about on social media.  Here are the unofficial results with nearly 1,400 provisional ballots left to count.

Many issues were attributed to the alleged “calculated” bomb threat that forced the evacuation of City Hall.  Complaints lodged on social media include:  normal polling places not being made available on Compton Unified school campuses, despite the district being on spring break.

Closure of normal polling places (Ron McNair) forced a large number of voters to have to vote provisionally, which then caused polling places, like Dollarhide Senior Center, to run out of provisional ballots and upwards of an hour, to be replenished.

General Election will be held Tuesday, June 6th.


Aja Brown – 2435 votes, 47%
Omar Bradley – 1501 votes, 29%
James Hayes – 513 votes, 9.9%
Bryan Parker – 276 votes, 5.3%
Lynn Boone – 255 votes, .9%


Isaac Galvan – 590 Votes, 58.7%
Al Hamade – 160 votes, 15.9%
Bill Ivey – 144 votes, 14.3%
Jackie Ventners – 110 votes, 10.9%


Tana McCoy – 579 votes, 39.6%
Carlos Tomas – 387 votes, 26.4%
Joyce Kelly – 184 votes, 12.5%
Robert Ray – 192 votes, 13.1%\
Chris Petit – 119 votes, 8.1%


Craig Cornwell – 3194 votes, 65.6%
Marcus Musante – 1673 votes, 34.3%


Alita Godwin – 2648 votes, 53.7%
Satra Zurita – 2277 votes, 46.2%


Doug Sanders – 2246 votes, 46.1%
Jasper Jackson – 1596 votes, 32.8%
Davis – 1022 votes, 21.1%

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does it take so long to count this small number of votes? Why hasn’t the County stepped in to oversee the voting process in Compton? There’s clearly corruption and fraud happening here and it makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Anonymous says:

      So quick to say that these people are corrupted,but do you know the proper protocall to run an election?

  2. Lisa W. says:

    I wanted to vote,but after driving to two locations that work closed, I gave up.

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