Compton Elections: Inside the Compton Finance Department

2 Urban Girls has received a copy of the affidavit, submitted by Special Agents, investigating theft of public funds from the city of Compton.  The affidavit was used to support charges being filed against Salvador Galvan.  After reading the 31 page report, 2 Urban Girls is asking, when will his accomplice be arrested?  2 Urban Girls can not publish the actual affidavit but it will be made public once filed with the court.

The affidavit details how Salvador Galvan confessed to colleagues and Sheriff Deputies, upon his arrest.

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Based on interviews with Deputy Chief Treasurer Claudia Mijares, who directly supervised Galvan and deputy city treasurer Ralph Salgado who she also supervised. it appears that perhaps Galvan shouldn’t be the only one charged.  Mijares reports directly to the city treasurer.

On December 6, 2016, Salvador Galvan left work early.  According to his timecard he only worked two hours.  Coincidentally, on the same day, Salgado noticed the day’s cash deposit was short by $7,000.  A group text went out amongst the employees regarding the discrepancy and Galvan responded he would look into it the next day.

Subsequently, Mijares asked Salgado to look into specific dates to ascertain additional discrepancies, which were discovered.  Mijares then notified City Treasurer Doug Sanders who suggested delaying action to “see how Galvan reacted to the missing $7,000”.   The next day Galvan found the $7,000 in his drawer.

Galvan was able to cover his crimes by balancing with staff and once verified, he would take the money and fill out deposit slips by hand in order to deposit the reduced amount.

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The city currently uses an accounting software system that is 15 years old and can be accessed using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from anywhere in the world.  Doug Sanders is the only person who can authorize access using the VPN.  Galvan was not authorized to do so.

Galvan and Sanders both attended USC and neither one possesses a college degree and/or any certified accounting certificates from any reputable educational institution.

The most interesting part of the affidavit surrounds 25 days that Galvan took off using vacation days.  Twenty of the days he was off, there were NO discrepancies between the cash report and the cash deposit.  However, during the other five days he was off, there WERE discrepancies in the cash report and cash deposits.   Erroneous deposit slips were in Galvan’s handwriting but how could that be if he were off and window clerks cash drawers are reconciled at the end of the day?

According to the unnamed Payroll Supervisor, it is common practice for employees to revise timecards to reflect where they wanted their time charged and not actual time worked.  This sounds vaguely like timecard fraud.  Did Galvan’s supervisor sign off on his fraudulent timecards?

As a precaution, after Galvan’s initial arrest, one of the former interim city managers placed the internal auditor on leave, who stated they believed Galvan was stealing since 2010.

One, how would they know and two, why isn’t the name of the internal auditor listed in the affidavit?  2 Urban Girls previously reported on a disgruntled employee hijacking the finance system after the arrest.  Same person perhaps?

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Doug Sanders told investigators one of his primary duties is supervising his staff.  Clearly he isn’t.

Salvador Galvan was arrested on December 7, 2016, at about 10 a.m. and by February 2, 2017, and independent audit found $3,721,924.71 missing.

Upon his arrest Galvan was found to have thousands of dollars in cash, multiple checkbooks, and umpteen gift cards.  He purchased a home, tore it down and rebuilt from the ground up.  He leased over 7 vehicles and also committed wire fraud by purchasing money orders, to deposit in various bank accounts, to avoid reporting where the money came from.  Compton residents also paid for his wife Rosa’s cosmetic surgery.  She has since quit the city of Compton after her husband’s arrest.

Doug Sanders told Special Investigators his primary duty is to be the custodian of the city’s revenue.

How can the FBI find in less than two months, millions of missing taxpayer funds and Doug Sanders, who alleges to “work at his daddies desk every day” for the last quarter century, did not?

Here is an excerpt of his lies from the Compton candidates forum from 2013:

“I am the only person who has gone through accounting courses, who knows about finance and economics and who will become a licensed certified public accountant,” said Douglas Sanders, a full-time student who expects to graduate in May from USC.

Doug Sanders is a disgrace, STILL hasn’t graduated and lost nearly $4 million of Compton residents money.  Compton residents deserve better.

3 Responses so far.

  1. La Shawn Kindle says:

    Thank you for the great article.I told my family,friends and neigbors that the Treasure had to know about that missing money. Also the Mayor should be over seeing what her staff is doing also.Tgat amounts of money should had been noticed long time ago.

  2. Compton Resident says:

    Smh this is sicken it really is. I have applied for Accounting Position etc. with a degree and multiple years of corporate accounting experience have been told I don’t qualify pitiful.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    I hope that the people will be electing a new treasurer on April 18th. Sanders two challengers are CPA’s.

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