Compton Elections: Can candidates afford the fees

A trusted Compton resident has directed this author to the Compton City Clerk’s website.  Mayor Aja Brown has increased efforts to bring transparency to residents by directing City Clerk Alita Godwin, to list all outstanding debts her office has for election related activities.  2 Urban Girls were shocked to see the list of names, going back to 2013, that still owe fees for candidate statements.  The clerk’s office also owes their consultant, Martin & Chapman.  Many want LA County to run their elections but one could assume county taxpayers don’t want to subsidize candidates fees.  How will the city of Compton recoup these costs?

**this article has been updated to reflect fees are for candidate statements, not filing fees**


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  1. Ms. Halbig says:

    Even though the Mayor requested Ms. Godwin to post these she should look at her self. Both Ms. Brown and Ms. Godwin. They both have outstanding balances. I don’t see anyone on this list that should have their name on it elections are not over with yet. And it was very Ironic that we had this so called bomb threat on election day. Looks fishy to me. How many mail in ballets were put into trash that day.

  2. Theresa says:

    Who is suppose to pay these fees. That’s sad a company can’t get paid after 4yr for doing work.seriously and Compton was nominated to be a business friendly city…????

    • 2urbangirls says:

      Costs are passed to the candidates. City Clerk shouldn’t be printing candidate statements that haven’t been paid for.

      I wonder if Jasper sued the clerk’s office since he is the only one denoted as such.

      This is also a timely list given that all the candidates that are in the runoff, are listed.

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