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City of Compton residents are on the precipice of “change”.  That changes begins with electing the best leaders to lead the city in the right direction.  What characteristics/traits should residents be looking for in their candidate of choice?  Their ability to bring the council together, their ability to remain humble and most importantly take actions that benefit the city in its entirety, not themselves personally.  2 Urban Girls has spoken at great length to current and former Compton elected officials, from both the city and school government on what the issues are what direction they would like to see the city go in.  Here are our predictions for the April 18th primary and who we would like to see headed to the General Election in June.


2 Urban Girls had high hopes for Mayor Aja Brown until she used the state of the city to pad her Vision for Compton coffers.  Raking in an estimated $60k from the event, the mayor utilized the city facility to raise funds for her nonprofit under the guise of benefitting Compton children.  She hasn’t done a good job of creating cohesiveness on the dais, nor does she have the support (votes) needed to move any project forward.  She uses her nonprofit to do the work she can’t get council support from.

The city has at least three chamber of commerce’s that make it difficult to navigate the needs of business community to be in compliance with city regulations.  The state of the city would have been the perfect vehicle to solidify which Chamber of Commerce is working in concert with City Hall.

To move the city forward you need someone on the dais who works well across all nationalities, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds and who is color blind.  The city also needs someone who has taken stock of issues plaguing the city which is far worse than potholes.

  1.  Massive amounts of money missing under current and past administrations due to lack of financial controls;
  2. Lack of training for city employees on new purchases of equipment;
  3. Increase crime despite presence of federal entities;
  4. Lack of money for programs in the park

All of those we have spoken with have said yes, Omar Bradley is the mayor that will fight for us tooth and nail, Lynne Boone has been outstanding with her work against Measure P, however, if we are looking to the future of Compton, then Bryan O. Parker is the candidate of choice.

As a former employee and park director, he understands first hand the challenges employee face which translates into how the community is (under)served.

2 Urban Girls is happy to endorse Bryan Parker for mayor of Compton.  As one former elected so eloquently shared with this author “Bryan Parker is the only person on the ballot for mayor with integrity you look for in a mayor.”

District 2

2 Urban Girls isn’t too familiar with any of these candidates outside of incumbent Isaac Galvan.  He is said to be a racist.  He has rebuffed all attempts made to interview him.  We can’t co-sign on the allegations, but do recognize the amount of time and effort he spends on the children in his district.  From concerts, boxing matches and events in the park, he has been a wonderful asset for the many families lives he has touched.  2 Urban Girls doesn’t agree with the amount of time Mr. Galvan spends not coming to meetings, but understanding the tremendous amount of personal losses in his family, we understand fully.

2 Urban Girls endorses Isaac Galvan for District 2.

District 3

As a long time Compton affiliate, this author has spent countless days/hours attending city council meetings.  In the audience, is typically Tomas Carlos and Robert Ray.  Both of these candidates have a history of being involved with Compton politics prior to officially declaring their candidacy.  Then came Chris Petit.  A young, energetic, relative newcomer to the scene.  Robert Ray is the voice Compton needs most and it would be stifled if he were elected to the council.

2 Urban Girls endorses Tomas Carlos and Chris Petit.

City Attorney

The city attorney has one of the best positions on the dais.  Their job is to merely interpret the city charter and give their opinion on what the council can/can’t do.  Recently the Compton city attorney was trumped by the District Attorney’s office over his “interpretation” of the charter.  Basically, if the charter doesn’t say you can do it, you can’t default to an automatic “yes you can”.  This has been the case for a long time in Compton.  Interpretation of the charter is everything, especially during election time.

2 Urban Girls expects both candidates to move forward to the General Election.

City Clerk

Alita Godwin has worked in this office for the last three decades.  Per campaign promises made in 2013, she has made moves to keep those promises.  Now its time for her to finish the work and microfiche the entire body of records for the city and make sure prior city council meetings/agendas are posted to the website.

Her office budget allows for the hiring of part-time staff, which could be composed of students, who help prepare the documents for imaging.  She could also do a better job of bringing awareness to the voting process.

Ms. Godwin should be given one last opportunity to bring more innovation to the office and do better outreach to engage and educate Compton residents.  Unless she does that, it leaves the field wide open for Satra in 2021.

2 Urban Girls also expects both candidates to move forward to the General Election.

City Treasurer

With nearly $4 million dollars missing under Doug Sanders.  His name attached to multiple former elected officials demise and his consistent lack of credibility, it is clear that Doug Sanders has a comfy relationship with law enforcement to keep himself out of scrutiny.

Compton residents would be dumb to bring him back to the dais.

2 Urban Girls endorses Jasper Jackson for city treasurer.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Seriously??? says:

    Bradley charged $7,500 for gold balls, cigars and on-demand movies in hotels, according to a June 2013 Los Angeles Times article, and took cash advances for city business expenses which they charged to the cards.

    Bradley held the office from 1993 to 2001 as a self-described “gangster mayor”

    If the above is the mayor that Compton voters want to have in office then maybe the description of “dumb Compton residents” is accurate. I think we’ve had our fill of Omar!

  2. Smarter than the average Bear says:

    Wish 2 Urban Girls would explain supporting Galvan. All the things they cited he does for kids are false. Investigate him. There are 3 others in the race for D2. 2 of them actually live in Compton, unlike Galvan.

  3. ComptonBAR says:

    Nice call on Bryan Parker for mayor. Totally agree that “Bryan Parker is the only person on the ballot for mayor with integrity you look for in a mayor.”
    He really is the real deal and I think would do a phenomenal job as mayor; although I would have loved to see him win district 4 before taking a shot at the mayor spot. District 4 has been neglected for a very long time.

  4. mr looking out for us says:

    there was some city employees seen stealing signs and one got into a fight and might have gotten hurt. only signs that wasn’t messed with i was told was the 2nd dist and the mayors signs.

  5. Joanna Morales says:

    I’m confused.. if there are only two people running, how will they move to the general election unless it’s an exact tie?

  6. Robert Ray says:

    Just for the record, no one can “stifle” my voice. My voice is what is needed on the council so that they will have to listen to me.

  7. Gilda Blueford says:

    While I don’t consider myself a ‘dumb’ Compton resident, although some may disagree, because I have been here so one without a desire to leave, prior to the last 4 years. I am supporting Sanders over Jackson, for various reasons the article did not touch on.

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