Compton city councilwoman resigns

imageYvonne Arceneaux has enjoyed a long career serving the city of Compton residents.  First as a teacher in Compton Unified and as city councilwoman, since 1993.  She has escaped prosecution and allegations of misappropriating funds, unlike some of her colleagues and is well liked throughout the city.  After months of speculation, and her increased prescience in the Lone Star state, at last nights regular city council meeting, Mrs. Arceneaux announced it was her last meeting and she would be retiring.

Mrs. Arceneaux spent extraordinary amounts of time, in Texas, and the community could feel her energy waning.

With her officially resigning, it will now be up to council to either appoint someone to finish her term or hold a special election.  Legally, council must decide by February 2016.


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  1. Vicky Lindsey says:

    Yvonne, U have been a wonderful mentor and councilwoman.
    Enjoy ur Retirement! Enjoy Life!!

  2. Kashia Arceneaux says:

    First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my mother on her retirement. Second you have served the people and the city of Compton very well. Third I want to say YEAH we get you full time now!!

    Love you oldest and only daughter,
    Houston, Texas

  3. Kashia Arceneaux says:

    First I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement mother! Second you have served the people and the city of Compton very well. Third I am so happy we get you full time now!! Yeah!!

    Love your oldest and only daughter,
    Kashia Lynn Arceneaux
    Houston, Texas

  4. Estella says:

    I have mixed emotions about this news. I admired Councilwoman Arceneaux for her passionate leadership related to the Compton Creek Task Force & she appeared to be a rare independent voice on the Council. I LIKED HER. However, during the 6 YEARS that I have been exiled from the City, AWAITING A PB HEARING regarding my December 17, 2009 Termination, she has been silent. One might expect more from someone who, herself, was a target of false charges and had to fight to clear her name, but no. I wish the Councilwoman a happy retirement in Bush country. (Sadly, Estella!)

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