Compton Candidates Forum Part 2: Water Bills & Council Stipends

waterCity of Compton residents are still fuming over their water bills.  It has been a source of many debates and discussions over the rising costs.  The recent candidates forum held by the Compton Chamber of Commerce provided a clue as to why the bills are continuing to increase.  Candidates were also asked if they supported new taxes and if council stipends should be reduced.

Candidate Richard Alatorre discussed his current water bill is $160 for two people.

Councilwoman Janna Zurita mentioned the increase of development fees, casino revenue has grown to over $2 million per year and franchise fees went up for trash which increased revenue by $1.3 million dollars.

If residents take a look at their water bills, trash fees are included on the bill.  As the council has stated, the water portion of your bill has not increased, but if you are paying more for trash, and it comes on the same bill, perhaps that’s why your bill has grown.

Candidates were also asked if the city council stipends should be reduced?

Dr. Willie Jones said he didn’t support stipends for the Finance committee.  He doesn’t want to specifiy reducing or eliminating but it’s not an area he supports.

Candidate Richard Alatorre said he doesn’t understand why the council continues to get paid during their month off.  Janna Zurita commented that you have to be present at meetings, throughout Los Angeles and it is not a part-time job and council should be compensated for their time.  Emma Shariff answered they should be paid for the work they do, but said the stipends should be looked at being reduced.

Next candidates forum is this Saturday, May 30, 2015 in council chambers from 2-4pm.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Robert Ray says:

    Council members do get paid for meetings if they show or not. In April the entire council was in violation of the Charter because they did not conduct the four mandatory meetings required. As for trash, because I live in a ‘master metered’ mobile home park, I get billed separately for everything including trash which is outrageous. As for the reason for the high water bills, the city keeps adding charges for ‘infrastructure’ needs. (Replacing water pipes, etc.) I am surprised that no one complained about property taxes. Because of Prop. 13, property taxes are the same rate for every property in the State. But, the reason your property tax bill is so high in Compton is because of all of the propositions that voters voted ‘yes’ on when they voted. These propositions are always added to your property tax bill. I do own my mobile home, but thank God I do not own property in Compton. I also think the residents of Compton need to start demanding rent control. Without rent control, property owners can raise rent as much and as often as they want. My ‘space’ rent has more than doubled since 2000 when I moved here.

    • Admin says:

      They should receive an auto allowance to attend meetings and perhaps reduce their stipend to match what City of Gardena council receives. $1000 for the mayor and $800 per council member.

      • Robert Ray says:

        I totally agree. Especially when our (Compton) council members don’t even know what’s going on in their own city. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how the city lost ownership of 700 N. Alameda. That property is worth millions and the city just gave it away. It is in the 2nd. district and Galvan didn’t even know what happened. “They” are supposed to be in charge, but “they” don’t even have a clue as to what the city manager and controller are doing. And for this they get paid?

  2. Jo Morales says:

    Simply because there are no meetings in August DOES NOT mean the councilperson “Takes the month off”… That my councilwoman makes it known she’s “Deep in the heart of Texas” is offensive to me. FFS, just “Pretend” you are doing something, don’t rub it in our faces..

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