Compton candidate shares his plan for his city


Bryan O. Parker is running for city council to represent the residents in District 4.  Residents have asked candidates to discuss how they are going to turn the city around, not what they want to see.  Bryan discusses his plan for the future of Compton.

2UG:  What do you see as the most pressing needs of the City of Compton residents?

BP:  Getting residents back to work (employment), as unemployment is suggested to be 14.7 based on current census records.  Infrastructure, specifically street/pothole repairs and Public Safety/Policing.

2UG:  How do you plan on addressing the issues you have identified?

BP:  My primary plan is to address the Chamber of Commerce that’s in place. I want to do all I can as a Council person to support a unified system that support business growth; thereby creating jobs. A friendly system to which residents, visitors and investors are attracted and welcomes their business. I’ll strive to work with the chamber’s leadership to develop a pro-business climate that ensure vacant or future business developments are available to residents and not just big businesses. You and me both know that little to no attention has been given to small business development over the last 10 years. I believe wholeheartedly that if we restructure our chamber of Commerce “system,” thereby promoting business growth opportunities, our unemployment challenges will be addressed.

Street Repairs: First, let me clearly state I do NOT support a measure to increase taxes as a primary means to address street repair concerns. We need to hire a city management team who not only understands our street conditions but also have experience solicitng funding (local, state or federal) that will address our needs. Over the years, the city deferred vital street maintenance and have not kept up with our needs. If we don’t priorities differently, the streets will lead to disrepair.

Public Safety/Policing: We need to encourage and promote safe community policing. We need to empower citizens with the ability to safely report crimes in their community.

2UG:  If elected, there may come a time where you have to vote for a project, that you may not agree with but is in the best interest of the residents.  How do you vote?

BP:  My interest will always be for the residents. If I’m blessed to be selected as the next council representative of the 4th District, my primary job will be to represent the community’s best interest, not my own.

2UG:  There are many new programs coming into the city, like My Brother’s Keeper.  As a former director at one of the city’s parks, explain why these programs are vital to Compton residents?

BP:  Any program that keeps residents engaged in positive and constructive activities are important in decreasing the probability of negative involvement. There is a positive correlation between engaging in positive activities and staying out of trouble in the community.

2UG:  Finally, in spite of the challenges and negative image of Compton, that are changing, you chose to remain in the city to work and raise your family. What is the biggest misconception about your city?

BP:  I’ve heard on several occasions that “we” can’t manage our own city. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but if it is meant to suggest that Compton residents can’t manage our city, that’s a misconception by far.

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