.@SCAQMD finds #Compton Brickyard Project poses significant #cancer risks to residents

(photo: file footage)

(photo: file footage)

The Compton City Council has been accused by the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) of not enforcing the city’s municipal code when it comes to regulating illegal businesses, while a review of the upcoming city council meeting for April 7th, shows they are preparing to revoke a businesses special bingo license.  Another agenda item, which is making its third appearance, is equally upsetting to the residents.

The city wants to enforce CMC Section 9-23.16(e) which addresses businesses turning in audited accounting records, while they apparently chose to not enforce businesses with expired and/or no license at all.

Residents have expressed concerns over a big project heading to Compton, over the amount of trucks that will penetrate the area.  Compton activist Robert Ray has voiced concerns over proposed truck routing by developer Trammel Crow.  “They [Trammel Crow] want to route trucks through a no truck zone.” said Ray.  “The mayor and council know this too.”  he further added.

SCAQMD has expressed concerns over the Brickyard Project too.

In a letter dated January 20, 2015, and addressed to Compton Planning Manager Robert Delgadillo, page 432 of the council packet describes concerns centered around assumptions used to estimate health effects and air quality impacts to the residents.  In particular, significant residential impacts of cancer risks, mostly from trucks driving to/from the project, in the residential neighborhoods, for both Options A and B of the proposal submitted for council’s approval.  The letter was signed by Program Supervisor Jillian Baker, Ph.D.

Is the project more important than the health of Compton taxpayers?

Current District 1 candidate, Barbara Calhoun tells us, “Compton already suffers from asthma, diabetes and cancer.  Why bring in a project that will knowingly add to our ailments?”

Strong Cities, Strong Communities Program is back on the agenda.  Mayor Brown’s colleagues on the dais have so far blocked attempts for the motion to be seconded, to enter into a MOU with National Resource Network, to provide a needs assessment of the issues in Compton.  The item calls for nearly $64k be allocated.

My understanding is the assessment has been done, but Compton has to pay for the plan to be executed?

City Council meets at 3pm this week and hopefully the council has answers on why they will vote to approve a project that will cause an increase cancer risk for their residents?

You can view the entire agenda and documents related to the Brickyard Project on the City of Compton’s website

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  3. Robert Ray says:

    They met yesterday and they approved. Now everyone else has to pay the price. Health wise and money wise.

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