Compton Activists Declare Support for Omar Bradley

photo courtesy of the LA Wave Newspaper

photo courtesy of the LA Wave Newspaper

On June 4th, the City of Compton has a huge choice to make – who will be the next mayor.  You have two candidates who both hold undergraduate and masters degrees, are both articulate and passionate about the city.  But what one candidate possesses over the other is an overwhelming amount of support of fellow candidates and the community at-large.  What I find interesting is this morning I heard a radio ad by County Supervisor endorsing Aja Brown, do you recall hearing one on his behalf for Wendy Greuel?  91 votes separated the two in the primary and Betty Pleasant offers this:

By Betty Pleasant, Contributing EditorLos Angeles Wave                                 |                         0 comments                   

Compton voters will elect their first new mayor in 12 years and the choice between the two candidates vying for the job is as different as night and day, bitter and sweet, hard and soft, rough and smooth (you get the picture), and the outcome will likely result in a lot of disappointed people who hold highly different expectations of the person they will put into that office Tuesday.

Former Mayor Omar Bradley, who led Compton for two terms from 1993 to 2001, will face off with political novice Aja Brown for the mayor’s office in a contest to beat the band.

Bradley, who wore the moniker of “the Gangster Mayor,” was imprisoned in 2004 on charges that he misappropriated about $7,000 in public funds for some golf balls and cigars and in-room movies at a hotel. Late last year, a judge overturned his conviction and set him free because the district attorney who prosecuted him did not prove Bradley knew he was doing anything wrong. The current district attorney has announced plans to retry him on those already dismissed charges.

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  1. MsJ says:

    The Headline “Compton Activists Declare Support for Omar Bradley” did not name one Compton activist. Who are these people? I would love to know.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      That would be William Kemp, Royce Esters and Kwaku Duren. You may click on the link to the full story by Betty Pleasant of the LA Wave Newspaper.

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