Inglewood Planning Commissioner Darius Leevy to run for West Basin Municipal Water District Board

City of Inglewood Planning Commissioner Darius Leevy

City of Inglewood Planning Commissioner Darius Leevy

Recently appointed Inglewood Planning Commissioner for District 1, Darius Leevy, has announced plans to run for West Basin Municipal Water Board. The seat is currently held by Gloria D. Gray and represents the Division II Cities of Inglewood, South Ladera Heights, a portion of Lennox and Athens, Howard and Ross-Sexton.  Here is an article, from the 2UrbanGirls archives, submitted by Darius back in April 2013.Submitted by: Darius Leevy 

April 2nd will mark the sixth time Inglewood voters will go the polls and cast a ballot in the last two years. It seems that every election in Inglewood comes with a story line that could rival any top grossing Hollywood screenplay, and this election is no different. Broken alliances hurt feeling, failed coups, and political comebacks make up the plot for this year’s election cycle. While residents flood council chambers in search of answers to previous broken promises surrounding sound insulation and the reduction or termination of vital city services. Mailboxes throughout the city of Inglewood are being littered with hit pieces featuring accusation ranging from fraud, theft, campaign violations, and even the ineptitude of rival candidates.  Even the local newspapers have taken sides with both the Morning Side Chronicle and Inglewood Today using their newspaper to reach out to voters in support of their choice of candidate.

The candidates vying for a seat on Inglewood City council and Inglewood school board met on March 7th at New Mt. Pleasant Baptist church to discus their candidacy and the issues facing Inglewood. Before I comment of the candidate’s performances I feel compelled to review the past few elections to bring readers up to speed….

In the first District Mike Stevens is running for re-election against Danny Tabor, George Dotson, and Felicia Ford.  A seat vacated by Danny Tabor when he defeated Judy Dunlap in August 2010 became Mayor.  Tabor was unsuccessful in his bid for re-election. Largely due to the alliance establish between Butts, Dunlap and Stevens.  Which helped Butts carry the First and Second District handily. Shortly after Stevens was elected to city council both Dunlap and Butts attempted to establish a majority on the council by endorsing separate candidates in the District four race Featuring Ralph Franklin and David Goff. Butts supported franklin and Dunlap supporter Goff. Franklin won that race in a landslide.  Fast-forward to today Butts is supporting neither Dunlap nor Stevens. He has chosen to go with long time planning commissioner George Dotson and newcomer Alex Padilla.

The forum provided less insight into the meat bones issues currently facing the city of Inglewood, but rather offered a podium for the candidates to display their capacity to deliver eloquently spoken rhetoric.  None of the candidates presented a plan or any ideas on how to deliver new jobs to the city. The simply referred to the old political adage “ we need to improve economic development in the city”.  None of the candidates bothered to go in-depth on how to improve the sound insulation program they simply agreed that the funding was mismanaged and the program is currently being ran inefficiently and should be improved. None of the candidates touch on the issue of diversity in the city. The need to engage the growing Latino community within the city of Inglewood and why it is vital to integrate the Latino community into policy the making discussion. There was no discussion on how to improve community outreach. Or how we can utilize technology to interact with residents in order to solicit their opinions on key issues and key projects such as Hollywood Park Tomorrow, or Madison Square Garden’s acquisition of the Forum. Furthermore there was no discussion at all on how the city should address the dilapidated roads, and exterior facades of some of the storefronts that line two of the major corridors that serves as entry point into the city on both Prairie and Labrea Ave.  Lastly there was no discussion on how the city should shift Market Street from a center saturated with discount shopping and into a shopping promenade that will allow the city to capitalize on its proximity to the airport, and be on par with other municipalities in the South Bay area.  I left the forum with more questions than answers.  Election day is April 2nd perhaps during the remaining  duration of the campaign the candidates will offer some concrete solutions on how to improve Inglewood.

Being a public official is not an opportunity it is a responsibility.  On April 2nd choose wisely.

Darius Leevy

Alternate Member of the 62nd AD

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*Danny Tabor, Mike Stevens, and Judy Dunlap did not attend the forum.

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