Community Review: Compton Candidate Forum 5/25

(photo courtesy of Kumasi)

(photo courtesy of Kumasi)

Today, May 25th, the Compton Chamber of Commerce held the final candidate debate for the upcoming runoff election for Mayor of Compton between former Mayor Omar Bradley and political newcomer Aja Brown.  We received the following observation from a long-time resident.

“Today I learned a lot.

I learned how beneficial it is to be a long time resident of Compton who knows and has love for community of Compton.   I learned how important experience was a vital part of healing a community crying out for emergency healing.  I learned why there are so many pot holes in Compton when now that I think about it, there never used to be crater like holes in the streets a few terms  back.
I learned how one of the finalist was new to the area of Compton and really cares about the people of Compton while developing ideas that are geared to helping the hope for the youth.  I learned that the other candidate  arrived on the scene of every shooting/murder to console the family of the wounded.
There were plenty of well thought out questions.  Some questions were bold and to the point.  The topic of helping to put a stop to the prostitution on Long Beach Blvd. was the one that was stood out most.
It would have been good if the entire city was present to hear the debate of the two final candidates for mayor if our courageous city.  It will take just that attribute to flip Compton upside down like the angel Gabriel flipped Sodom and Gomorrah.  A flip that would not destroy the members of our city, rather, this flip would need to educate, inspire, provide and most of all love these lovely, spirited community members.  The Mayor of Compton to me who is most qualified is the one whom is most willing to die fighting for Compton.
I’m not big on politics.  I did not even vote when Obama was running for President.  Today I was inspired to vote on June 4th.  I will be voting for Compton, not a candidate.  Meaning, the person who wins does not matter this time.  The person with purpose and destiny is the candidate I will vote for.  Today’s debate helped me decide my choice.  I am very excited for Compton.  In the words of the chant that concluded the debate, “Compton Is Not For Sale!” “
Kumasi (@Elay_KING)
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  3. MsJ says:

    I truly don’t understand how someone who is not big on politics and didn’t vote in the 2008 or 2012 Presidential election became inspired on May 25, 2013 to vote for Omar Bradley for Mayor of Compton.

    Perhaps, some people actually prefer a good acting performance. Mr. Bradley should really be considered for an acting award after that show on May 25th.

    Let’s give Omar Bradley an award for acting; but never again elect him as Mayor of Compton.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      The point of our readers observations are there are far too many times we sit on the sidelines and don’t get involved in politics, let alone vote. This young man had better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than attend a candidates forum. We constantly urge young folks to get involved and now that one has come forth, we chastise him on why now he wants to get involved?

      • MsJ says:

        I read the observations of Saturday’s Candidates Forum, from a “long-time resident” again.

        Somehow I miss how any reader would know that the observations are from a youth. Therefore, I think you are incorrect to suggest that I was chastising a youth. I was merely commenting on the observations without any knowledge of the age of the person reporting the observations.

        • UrbanGirl says:

          Thank you for clarifying and also for attending. Hopefully you are encouraging residents to vote on June 4th.

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