Closed Inglewood Fire Station becomes political tool

fire-station-172Back in December 2010 the Inglewood City Council voted 3-1 to close fire station 172 located at Centinela and Hyde Park.  The council declared a fiscal emergency, that Judy Dunlap approved, which forced them to make cuts.  At the time, Roosevelt Dorn had just resigned.Councilpersons left to vote where Dunlap, Morales, Franklin and Tabor.  Judy Dunlap voted against the closure but suggested an alternative to deal with the looming financial crisis.  Our Weekly, a local news publication reported:

Councilwoman Judy Dunlap approved the declaration, but was the only council member to oppose the cuts, saying that instead it would be best to cut the three percent raise in worker retirement benefits and ask employees to reduce their health benefits. That way, the layoffs would no longer be a necessity.

This fire station was closed due to it being the least busy, but if you live in Inglewood you know that is one of the most deadly corners in the area.  How many accidents do you remember occurring at that intersection?

The article goes on to say ,”…Fire Station 172 will be closed for three years, and the paramedic squad based at the location will not be laid off, but rather sent to Fire Station 171 on Regent Street.

Now here we are, three years later, and Dunlap’s opponent is stating, “…We are the only district that does not have its own fire station.”  Well that wouldn’t be the case had no fiscal emergency been declared giving Franklin, Morales and Tabor the opportunity to vote to close it.  Does her opponent now feel that those same council members will vote to reopen?  Is the fire station being used as a campaign tool?

As for the gas station at the intersection of LaCienega and Fairview, it has long been the desire of Thrifty Oil Company to get the property rezoned (perhaps by the Planning Commission?) to install a lucrative billboard.  Calls to Thrifty Oil have gone unreturned.

Inglewood Today ran an  article title “Alex Padilla Deeply Rooted and Supported in Inglewood”  where Alex Padilla called for reopening the fire station and gas station as a priority.

**update 3/1/2016**

Inglewood Mayor James Butts, along with the city council, amended the Fire Services Agreement between the City of Inglewood and the Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County
modifying fire services to include the reopening of Fire Station 172, at a special city council meeting on Thursday, February 25, 2016.

Read the council agenda here.

Stay tuned…

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