CityWatchLA website lacks ethics, integrity

CityWatchLA (CWLA) is a hodgepodge political website.  With the exception of a few regular contributors, it would appear the sites editor scans the internet, to find articles, to add to their weekly roundup.  It is also evident they don’t fact check many of the articles they share with their readers.

Initially I read the site regularly until I saw incorrect information listed from fellow Inglewood writer, and publisher of an upstart newspaper, Randall Fleming.  I blasted CWLA for posting articles with erroneous information, and the editor had the author correct the story.

TIme went on and friend of the 2UrbanGirls blog, Najee Ali, wrote a piece on why SouthLA didn’t receive Promise Zone funds.  Although it was written by Najee, CWLA credited 2UrbanGIrls with writing the piece.  They would subsequently have to retract and write the truth.  

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But that’s not why I am writing.  By now you are all aware that every journalist in L.A. County has made claims they broke a story on the possibility of the St. Louis Rams moving to Inglewood.  A story this blog wrote about back in October.

The initial story on the Inglewood NFL rumors appeared in the Los Angeles Wave at the end of September.  The article discussed the possibilities of the NFL coming back to the lucrative Los Angeles market, but failed to connect the dots to one of the teams already established connection to Inglewood.

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Upon reading the Wave’s article, I researched the teams mentioned owners.  It was during that research that the 2UrbanGirls site connected the St. Louis Rams owner as the spouse of one of the Walmart heirs, who coincidentally owned property in Inglewood, directly across from the Forum.  Us old heads remember that parcel as being the site of a hotel.  The story was then published in October.  The 2UrbanGIrls article garnered the attention of Inglewood Mayor James Butts who inquired “…how did [2UrbanGIrls] make the connection all other media sources didn’t?”

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So imagine my surprise when this appeared in my inbox courtesy of a google alert.

photo 2

Broke the story?  Knee-grow please. As I perused the story that they “reprinted” of course its NOT a full reprint of the original story they posted on the site in November.  What’s missing you ask?  Oh only where the author, Randall Fleming, credits 2UrbanGirls with the story.  Don’t believe me?  Read the story on the CWLA website.  But before you do, check this picture out first. 

og story

If CWLA doesn’t fact check articles, do they fact check the authors credentials?  Hopefully their insurance is in effect.  What other stories have made it onto their website that haven’t been checked?

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