City of Inglewood to host new Senior Center Ground Breaking Ceremony

Queen St. view

Queen St. view

The City of Inglewood invites you to the ground breaking ceremony for the new Senior Center, Monday, February 29, 2016, at 10:00 am at 111 N. Locust St. at the intersection of Locust Ave. and Queen St.  Kudos to Mayor James Butts, city council and Skip Holloran for her tireless work to bring the senior center to fruition.

Under the guiding hand of Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio (GP-US), the designs for a new senior center in downtown Inglewood are complete and construction is now ready to begin.  GP-US is leading the project’s architectural and construction management team, which consists of gkkworks and Pinner Construction, respectively. GP-US was hired by the City of Inglewood to create the design guidelines and illustrative concept drawings for the project.

The Center is seen by many, including Pugh, as being a critical element in the revitalization of downtown Inglewood, as it will provide crucial services to the existing community. Says Pugh, “The Inglewood Senior Center has been in the works for over 13 years and is finally on its way to realization. It is much needed by the senior community and will provide lunches, exercise facilities, counseling, social gathering spaces and will be a place of respite and joy,” says Pugh. The two-story, above-grade structure will be the focal point for social services for the City of Inglewood as well as neighboring Hawthorne and Lennox.

Locust St. view

Locust St. view

The design process involved numerous meetings with the local senior community to incorporate their input and give them exactly the facility they need. Design charrettes were held, at which samples and other visuals for everything from the color scheme to the furniture were on display for stakeholders to see and weigh in on.

GP-US has a successful and long-standing relationship with the City of Inglewood, having previously provided urban design services for two future Crenshaw Light Rail lines that will run through the City. These plans include the Florence/West and Florence/La Brea stations, which will bring a new, 8.5-mile rail line along Crenshaw Boulevard.

GP-US has also provided architectural design review for the Inglewood Redevelopment Agency for proposed housing projects within the City. Like the senior center, this leads to a generation of projects that are not only visionary in and of themselves, but that are well integrated within the fabric of the city and enhance the environment for current and future residents.
Owner’s Representative/Partner in Charge: Gwynne Pugh, FAIA, ASCE, LEED AP
Outreach Coordinator: Miguel Luna, DakeLuna
Construction Management and Engineers: Amy Amirani and Jim Trammell, CivilSource, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Evan Mather, AHBE Landscape Architects
Structural Engineer: Jackie Vinkler, John A. Martin and Associates
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineer: Donn Campbell, E2DI
Kitchen Consultant: Jonathan Turnbull, Laschober + Sovich
Design/Build Team: gkkworks & Pinner Construction
Renderings Courtesy of: gkkworks


Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio, Inc.

Principal, Gwynne Pugh

2800 28th Street, Ste. 171

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 396-4540


Greg Rodgers, Marketing Manager

Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio

2800 28th Street, Suite 171

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 396-4540

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