How passionate are City of Inglewood Residents

City of Inglewood residents cast their ballots this past Tuesday and in addition to re-electing President Barack Obama, they also passed Measure GG.

Measure GG School Improvement Bonds Inglewood Unified School District
School Bonds – 55% Approval Required

Pass: 23,956 / 85.92% Yes votes …… 3,926 / 14.08% No votes

Measure GG was designed to add additional property taxes to current City of Inglewood residences, which would total approx. $110 million dollars.  These funds would be used to repair schools in the IUSD (the remaining schools that received zero Measure K funding) along with upgrading the schools with technology.  It is nice to see that the Inglewood residents feel so strongly about the schools and are so generously agreeing to cover additional expenses to make Inglewood schools more competitive.

But I digress, of these 24,000 who voted in favor of the measure, how many of you are registered with the district to volunteer your time at the schoolsSuperintendent Taylor has graciously decided to subsidize the full cost of fingerprinting if you agree to volunteer 50 hours towards the district and/or school of your choice.  As of today, the district has ZERO volunteers registered, although there are four (4) very eager parents waiting patiently for the fingerprinting machine to be replaced at the IUSD School Police headquarters.  With approximately 12,000 students, odds are 2:1 that those who voted have a child in the district and NONE of the parents are volunteering.  These statistics do NOT include those parents serving on advisory committees and/or PTA’s for these volunteer positions do NOT currently require fingerprinting, but those wishing to help on the campus must be fingerprinted.

To register as a volunteer with the Inglewood Unified School District, contact the IUSD Parent Center at 310-419-2779.

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