City of Inglewood residents are balling out of control

How many times have you visited an Inglewood Jets or Rising Stars of America practice over at Darby Park and come back to your car to find a special package left by the Ticket Man?  The Ticket Man, as he affectionately calls himself, has got to be the pride and joy of the City of Inglewood parking citation division.  By his estimates, he gives out close to 60 citations per day

According to the City of Inglewood’s FY 2011/12 budget, the traffic offender fund generated some serious money, which we are just giving the city like this money is growing on a tree in our backyard.  The most cited ticket in the parks?  BACKING INTO STALLS and PARKING IN THE RED ZONE.  You should hear the complaints of “I didn’t know I can’t back in” to “there are no signs posted”.  Well….loook what I found at the entrance of the park, at night.  Can’t you think of a better use of $58 than giving it to the City of Inglewood?

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