City of Inglewood Prepares for the Space Shuttle Endeavour

Many of us remember the day Endeavour flew over Inglewood.  The ground started to shake, you could hear a rumbling from above and the kids at the nearby school where screaming with delight as the space shuttle took its final flight into LAX airport.  As a child I remember watching Challenger blow up before my very eyes.  The world was excited that a school teacher and black astronaut where on board.  Then came the tragedy, upon reentry, when Columbia disintegrated over Texas.

On Friday, October 12th, although those images are not too far removed from our brain, we will celebrate that the space shuttle program managed to exist in the first place.  We saw astronauts take steps on a moon that as kids we saw as images of cheese (think Tom & Jerry), we saw Apollo 13 find its crew back to Earth and we have seen Mars up close.  My best memory of the NASA program is that they NEVER lost an astronaut as he tethered from the shuttle to do their work.

Inglewood residents beware of the road closures, and if you have an opportunity, there will be celebrations at the Forum in Inglewood and over in Los Angeles at the intersections of King and Crenshaw Blvd.

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