City of Hawthorne forced to cancel City Council Meeting due to Mayor’s spending

downloadHawthorne Mayor Chris Brown is no longer the pride and joy of the city’s residents or his fellow African-American political colleagues.  After winning against Danny Juarez, who was indicted on multiple felonies, Brown was able to stroll into the office as the first African-American mayor of Hawthorne.  With the recent disclosure of his spending of taxpayers money, this author has since found that he has stiffed his media consultant.  

As the residents jeer the mayor and want him off the dais, the city was forced to cancel the regularly scheduled meeting this week, which was good for him.  I hear the consultant was prepared to give him an earful during public comment.

A public records request was made, of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG), an organization of paid environmental consultants, to each of the 16 South Bay dues paying cities, after Ms. Mazza’s initial article appeared detailing his travel expenditures but has since been removed from the Daily Breeze website.

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The article claimed he had to travel to the nation’s capitol to inquire on how to get rebates/incentives for residents and the city.  The mayor said it was a council authorized trip.

The SBCCOG provides outreach and technical assistance, to promote energy-efficient programs to the residents, which in turn, earns the cities a rebate, via their South Bay Environmental Services Center ( @SBESC).


Mayor Brown and the council don’t know that is what the SBCCOG does? Council woman Olivia Valentine does.  She regularly attends the agencies board and partners meetings with SoCal Gas, Edison and West Basin.

Why is the council paying SBCCOG $15,167 annually for services they are voting 5-0 to get from someone else?  Perhaps the entire council needs to go, not just the mayor.

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