City of Compton Unofficial 2013 Election Results

imagesTuesday, April 16th, Compton residents took to the polls to vote for Mayor, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Treasurer and Distrct Councilpersons for areas 2 and 3.  This morning I received a text stating “…we DID IT Aja Brown comes in first and Perrodin is out…”, although Omar Bradley begged to differ saying “…it is too close to call.”  As predicted, Bradley, Brown and Perrodin are your Top 3 with Aja Brown receiving the highest number of votes and overall percentage of the total votes.  Brown received 1600, Bradley received 1500 and Perrodin received 1400, all approx.  With Brown reaching 26% and Bradley having 25%, they will face a runoff in June.

We will also see a run-off between candidates Iasaac Galvan and Lillie Dobson in District 2.  Diana Sanchez came in a strong second to Yvonne Arceneaux who handily won, however, I hope Sanchez will spend the next four years registering the Latino citizens, who are eligible, to vote.

Its interesting that last election, Lynne Boone received large community support that appears to have gone to Aja Brown.  No wonder Joyce Kelly is on the record at a previous city council meeting stating, “…we don’t need a pretty face for Mayor since this isn’t a beauty contest.

The most pressing caveat is we still await word on the status of Bradley’s current court case, which would then place Aja Brown in a runoff with Eric Perrodin.


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