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(photo: file footage)

(photo: file footage)

Does a conflict of interest exist, when taxpayers are paying for the facility and staff, to host events for their mayors nonprofit?  As Compton Mayor Aja Brown prepares to address the rising crime, issues surrounding public safety and modified emergency services, at the late night event, questions have arisen as to who has rented the Community Center to host it.  A Public Records request reveals, no formal agreement exists between the city and the nonprofit, who is charging admission of $100 per person.  Although residents have front loaded the costs, they have to watch at the community college, or pay to attend, to reimburse themselves.

As previously reported, the mayor and her husbands nonprofit, Urban Vision CDC, are benefitting from the sponsorship and ticket sales, yet they haven’t paid for the right to use the facility.


During the regular city council meeting held, Tuesday, July 7, 2015, Mayor Aja Brown shared publicly, the city rented the room, at no cost to the nonprofit for the event.

Attempts to reach the newly hired public information officer were unsuccessful, given all recently issued media advisories and press releases, don’t give a contact persons name/number/email.  The city clerk’s office was contacted, via a public records request, to obtain that information and no contract exists for those services either.  Residents suspect it is a local blogger.


Fellow council members, speaking on condition of anonymity, are concerned that the mayor is making decision, without their consent and/or knowledge.

Residents have shared a recent phone survey is taking place, where the mayor is asking: how do residents feel about her performance, thoughts on passing a new tax and should she be allowed to take over the Compton Unified School District, by having hiring and firing authority, over the superintendent.  Ay dios mio.



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  1. Michael Hill says:

    Finally gave up on the City’s Website supposed link. Found it here on YT, must have just been posted. Have to use you tech sense to find things these days. So here you go: It’s a couple of hours long, so get your popcorn and a comfy chair.

  2. Michael Hill says:

    Uh oh…doesn’t feel good so far. $100 per person admission for a state of the city address. And today, saw gas go to over $4 a gallon on a drive through South Bay, and tomorrow it’s expected to go up another 30-40 cents. I know I can’t afford to attend nor any of my neighbors. Oh well.

    • Michael Hill says:

      Forget everything I posted. The Mayor’s Address was riveting and gave me new insight on everything I’d ever wanted to know about where the city is heading. Clears up everything for me. So I probably won’t post anything else along the lines of negative here on 2 Urbangirls. Sorry I doubted myself. You have to watch it for yourself, however. She’s the real deal. Finally!!! Thank God.

  3. Hubbard says:

    Re: Social media presence.
    It is sad that these profiles are so blatantly being used as a springboard for the mayor and her initiatives. It’s as if the rest of the City Council doesn’t even exist. When I look at just about ALL of the surrounding cities and their social media presence, it becomes glaringly obvious that, once again, Compton is on an island.
    I personally like the move to social media and the new website but would like to see the integrity of the city maintained by way of the seal and more diverse posts. Actually, I would like to see less of the elected faces and more of the people who elected them; I have found very few posts from other cities which practice this form of advertisement for those elected.

    Not to mention that the profiles on Twitter and FB don’t even use the official city seal (as most cities do.)

    • Michael Hill says:

      I see it too. Scratching my head on this move and why it seems so offshore from the reality I drive each day. Head in the clouds maybe. IDK anymore.

  4. Robert Ray says:

    “The city rented the room”? I’ll be damned if my taxpayer dollars are going to be used to benefit a party thrown by the mayor.

    • Anonymous says:

      2UrbanGirls are the FED’s aware of these unsual circumstances? ?

      • Admin says:

        Not sure but it has been brought to our attention the city’s website has the mayors nonprofit “vision for Compton” logo on it. We are told it’s at the footer of the homepage.

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