City of Compton responds to California Policy Center

ComptonOn November 5th, the California Policy Center (CPC) compiled a list of “California’s Most Financially Stressed Cities and Counties” labeling them the “unlucky 13”.  The City of Compton was ranked #1.  The sites disclaimer states the figures were through fiscal year ending 6/30/2013.  If they couldn’t find thruogh 2013, then 2012 numbers were used.  They went on further to state, their rankings could change.  Here is Compton’s response.

City of Compton’s Rebuttal to California Policy Center’s Study: “California’s Most Financially Stressed Cities and Counties”

This also forced the city to create a page on the city’s website called 2014 Fiscal Condition of the City of Compton.  It would be even more helpful if the City Treasurer published a regular record of Compton’s investment portfolio so we can all see how they are going to repay back this $40million they owe.

2012 / 2013 Budget

2013 / 2014 Budget

2014 / 2015 Budget

Establishment of Pension Fund Checking Account

Cash on Hand (Liquidity)

Tax Revenue Anticipation notes (TRANS)

Council Report Establishing Budget Reserve Policy

One Response so far.

  1. Robert Ray says:

    This “fancy, financial finagling” is one of the few things I gave Mr. Duffey credit for. That report did use older statistics. While the City is still under water, it doesn’t appear to be drowning as long as the bills are getting paid.

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