City of Compton residents scared straight into voting

Compton Candidates Forum.  May 23, 2015 (photo Urban Girl Media)

Compton Candidates Forum. May 23, 2015 (photo Urban Girl Media)

The City of Compton held run-off elections yesterday, June 2, 2015, which saw District 1 incumbent Janna Zurita against Richard Alatorre and District 4 incumbent Dr. Willie Jones against Compton Unified Board Trustee Emma Shariff.  Thank you to resident Bob Ray for live tweeting the vote counts.  The results may surprise you.

District 1 council member Janna Zurita retained her seat receiving 753 votes to Richard Alatorre’s 615.

District 4 incumbent Dr. Willie Jones will be leaving the dais having received 353 votes to Emma Shariff’s 433.  The good news is?  Shariff is no longer responsible for educating children.

Results will become official once the City Clerk counts provisional ballots on June 10, 2015.


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  1. Christopher says:

    Its a beautiful thing. I mean democracy. Local elections are as close to pure democracy as we’ll ever get yet only a fraction of citizens take part. It’s heart breaking. I’ve said it before, you have got to want it bad. Being an American is advance citizenship. Latinos and blacks have disenfranchised themselves simply by not caring. We must awaken or “die by suicide.”

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