City of Compton Residents passed Measure B

 Back in May we pondered the effects of Measure B passing in the City of Compton.  Measure B was drafted to state that City of Compton residents would only be able to vote for the council members who resided in their district, only the mayor could be voted for at-large.  Would City of Compton residents support the redistricting?   The people have spoken and Measure B passed.

Measure B
Result Votes Percentage
 Yes 3,563 64.4%
  No 1,970 35.6%

The City of Compton has drafted a timeline for implementing the new districts and will hold many public hearings, as required, as the redistricting process progresses.  Elections will be held April 2013 based on the new district boundaries.  Surprisingly, current City of Compton Mayor Eric Perrodin supported the redistricting while former City of Compton City Clerk Charles Davis was against.

Will we finally see a latino council member?  Will Omar Bradley return to politics?  Will Mrs. Arceneaux run for Mayor?  Will Eric Perrodin become the next City Attorney?  Will Joyce Kelly, William Kemp and Lynne Boone make another attempt at running? Will Barbara Calhoun rise like a phoenix and return to the dais?  This upcoming election season will NOT disappoint.

City of Compton Council Redistricting Timeline

City of Compton Redistricting plans being considered

City of Compton Proposed District Boundaries

One Response so far.

  1. Tomas Carlos says:

    The City of Compton is way overdue on having a Latino as part of the City Council…..

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