City of Compton declares emergency on violence

ComptonNow that the August hiatus is coming to a close in Compton, Mayor Aja Brown has returned with a new formed community alliance to address the rise in crime in the city.

The Safety Action Plan includes the deployment of more officers (of course), a Community Policing Task Force (Zimmerman wannabe’s need not apply) and through the Sheriff’s New Townhall Program, Compton citizens are prepared to take back their streets.  City code enforcement officers and Compton Unified School Police will also assist with these efforts.

You may recall that the NAACP Compton branch held a press conference to denounce the alleged prostitution activities on Long Beach Blvd. and with the mayor back on the scene, it looks like Brown’s administration is ready to get back to work.

2UrbanGirls looks forward to see if Brown’s adminstration will FINALLY address the compensation elected officials receive for opening/closing meeting that last less than 15 minutes but receive full pay.  A policy on not allowing elected officials to be paid during the month of August that former Mayor Eric Perrodin called a “tradition” and a policy over how long it takes to pick up dead animal carcases off city streets.

Overall, Brown campaigned on bringing change to the city through uniting the non-profits, school district, clergy and residents to move the city forward.  Isn’t it refreshing when officials keep their campaign promises?

Thank you to the California Friends of the African American Caucus for the tip!



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