City Employees Gon’ Wild


City employees have it bad.  So bad that the general public is following their every move.  The latest caper involves lunch time holiday parties, city vehicles and alcohol.  These naughty actions also caught the attention of the folks on Spring St.  Specifically, those in City Hall.

Sources within the mayor’s office, tell this blog that the mayor summoned department heads to his office to discuss city employees drinking on the job and climbing back into city vehicles shortly thereafter.

The mayor stressed the importance of utilizing “personal time” and “personal vehicles” to keep the prying public at bay.

He has better things to worry about.  You know, like what’s his next trip abroad or perhaps when’s his next campaign fundraiser.

**update 12/15/2015**

CBSLA reports on City employees drinking on the job, four days after we already told you! click here!

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  1. PDQ says:

    Mayor Garcetti will tell everyone that his trips abroad are to try to clinch the Olympics for LA in 2024 – and they probably are.

    Is Garcetti’s travel more extravagant than former mayor Tony Villar’s travel was? Villar’s spending was like that of a rock star!

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