**updated** Is the Compton city council purposely confusing the residents on the impending tax measure


The city of Compton mayor and council approved a resolution to place a sales tax increase measure on the ballot in June 2016.  The tax increase is slated to provide additional revenue to fund an array of projects.  Should Los Angeles County approve the special election, Compton residents will vote on whether to pass the tax measure.  Problem is, is it $0.01 or 1%?

2 Urban Girls has pointed out the discrepancy in the rhetoric spewing from city hall, that in some print publications the tax increase is quoted as “1%” yet the residents are receiving information in the mail saying it is “1 cent”.


Residents appeared at the regular city council meeting held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, to lambast the prospect of being further taxed.   Mayor Aja Brown was not present but Mayor Pro Tem Janna Zurita specifically asked city manager Roger Haley to clarify whether the residents will vote to pass a 1 cent or 1 percent sales tax.

Roger Haley stated, “…the city council council approved a measure to increase the sales tax by 1 percent”.  The July 21, 2015 council agenda lists item #7 describing the tax as 1 percent. (see link below)

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Don’t believe 2 Urban Girls?  Watch the city council meeting for yourself at the 14:16-14:40 mark and hear it for yourself.  Share with a friend.

**updated 3/13/2016**

In a late weekend email, a Compton resident expressed their outrage over the interchanging of words on the soon to be voted on sales tax initiative.

Council approved a resolution for a “1 percent sales tax” yet sample ballots have printed “1 cent sales tax” which is confusing voters, although they represent the same amount.  To ensure the ballot measure isn’t declared invalid, over the wording, Debbie Martin with the LA County Registrar and Recorders office,  responded early Sunday morning via email, that she would in fact look into the issues raised.

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  1. Joyce Kelly says:

    This is a prime example how Aja Brown disrespects the people of Compton by thinking we are all uneducated people who do not read or listen and can pass things by confusion. Brown doesn’t understand the meaning of “NO” when the people say no more taxes. More taxes will drive the businesses from Compton creating a ghost town for the County to take over as she has been placed here to do!

  2. Charles davis says:

    Do not be fooled, this is all about issuing some more bonds. The sales tax will pay the debt service

  3. Jo Morales says:

    I am totally confused on this, so they are doing a good job if confusion is their goal.

    • Admin says:

      Although 1% and 1 cent represent the same thing, language should be consistent with the resolution language council approved.

  4. Robert Ray says:

    Who ever printed that thing that people are getting in the mail (I haven’t received one) printed it wrong. Yes, the city manager did say “one percent”, and I heard him say it. What is interesting though, is that this hasn’t come up yet on the County BOS agenda. The County BOS also has to approve this in order to put it on the ballot.

    • Admin says:

      I hate to disappoint you but the numbers do add up in the city’s favor. Residents should make sure to attend oversight meetings and/or view the documents online to monitor how the funds are spent.

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