Citizens Grand Jury indicts Zimmerman Prosecutor

I would NEVER want to live in the state of Florida.  They are attempting to let George Zimmerman get away with murder.  Only in Florida can you be a top candidate for a police officer, only to be found unfit due to his credit (see, it’s not only blacks who loose jobs because of their credit) and not follow orders when told to “stand down” and not follow Trayvon Martin.  As the story ends Martin is dead and Zimmerman has become Porky Pig.  With this new indictment on the very individual who signed the arrest warrant for Zimmerman, does this have potential to hurt the case against him and let him walk?  Or is this propaganda used to taint the jurors? 

Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury, convening in Ocala, Florida, over the alleged falsification of the arrest warrant and complaint that lead to George Zimmerman being charged with the second degree murder of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

The indictment of Corey, which was handed down last week (see, charges Corey with intentionally withholding photographic evidence of the injuries to George Zimmerman’s head in the warrant she allegedly rushed to issue under oath, in an effort to boost her reelection prospects. At the outset of this case, black activists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who whipped up wrath against Zimmerman, demanded that he be charged with murder, after local police had thus far declined to arrest him pending investigation.

Following Corey’s criminal complaint charging Zimmerman, legal experts such as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemned her for falsely signing an arrest affidavit under oath, which intentionally omitted exculpatory evidence consisting of the photographs showing the injuries Zimmerman sustained, and rushing to charge him with second degree murder under political pressure. Dershowitz called her actions unethical and themselves crimes (

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