Chicago Urban Leagues Responds to Resignation of Superintendent McCarthy

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

Conflicting stories have come out surrounding the city of Chicago’s chief of police, Garry McCarthy.  Across the pond, the DailyMail is reporting that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “ousted” the city’s chief while the Chicago Urban League released a statement on his “resignation”.  This is of concern seeing that if the chief did in fact “resign”, he will be able to be employed by another law enforcement agency, in the future.

CHICAGO, IL (Dec. 1, 2015) – “The Chicago Urban League (CUL) is pleased with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to ask for the resignation of Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent Garry McCarthy,” said CUL Interim President and CEO, Shari Runner.

“CUL, along with many other civil rights organizations and activists have been advocating for McCarthy’s ouster,” Runner said, “and we believe that our combined efforts played a key role in Mayor Emanuel’s decision.”

“McCarthy’s resignation provides more evidence that the African-American community, and those who care about it, must work together to bring significant changes in how justice is administered in our community,” emphasized Runner.”

“We are also encouraged by the announcement that former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will be advising a task force on police accountability in Chicago,” said Runner. “It is incumbent that the task force takes a complete and comprehensive look at the Department. That includes leadership, processes, accountability and representation of the community as a whole.”

“CUL continues to believe that outside organizations must be involved in any plan to reorganize the way CPD conducts business,” stressed Runner.

“Therefore, while we are pleased with the creation of the task force on police accountability, we are still calling on the Department of Justice to launch a pattern or practice investigation into CPD,” said Runner. “Unfortunately, due to the long history of systemic misconduct, we cannot trust the CPD to police itself.”

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