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An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together

November 13, 2015 You may have heard of us, but you likely do not know who we are. So, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. You likely never see us, because we are the people who work behind the scenes. You likely never hear about us, because we are the people who volunteer our […]

L.A. County Sheriff says we are less safe due to Prop 47 passing

According to L.A. County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, Californians are less safe than we were, a year ago, due to the passage of Proposition 47.  Voters passed Prop 47 November 3, 2014, which reduced sentences for certain crimes.  The Prop 47 campaign had huge support in South LA and was spearheaded by the Community Coalition aka CoCoSouthLA, the […]

Urban Men of the Month: Dr. Dre and Ice Cube

Notorious gangsta rap group NWA put Compton, CA on the map.  The group became national news in 2015 with the release of “Straight Outta Compton” a movie depicting the formation and rise of the six member group.   Some of the members went on to have successful careers outside of NWA.  The late Eric “Eazy E” Wright remained a […]

The New Age of Tommunism: A Response to Najee Ali (Op-Ed)

The New Age of Tommunism Response to Najee Ali My name is Billion GODSun & I have been a Grassroots, Community Activist in Los Angeles for the last 24 Years. I was present @ the so-called “mayoral town hall meeting” @ Holman United Methodist Church on Monday October 19th. I Am not a member of […]

Why is their tension amongst South LA Black Activists

I smell…tension!  With the African-American community in a continued uproar over the violence plaguing our community, it doesn’t make matters any better, when you have top leaders pitted against one another.  Both are highly respected and doing an outstanding job, both individually and collectively, of bringing awareness to the suffering Blacks are facing at the […]


Blind Item: Got Loyalty?

What’s loyalty?  This candidates lack of loyalty, could lead to their downfall.  Although they present in an articulate and charismatic fashion, many question their true intentions in the community.  So does 2 Urban Girls.


Meet Hawthorne city council candidate: Amie Shepard

Post Image

Amie Shepard wants your vote.   As a candidate for the upcoming election in Hawthorne, Tuesday, November 3rd, Amie says she is running to turn things around.  A realtor by trade, she is a long time resident of the city and is eager to join the dais.  2 Urban Girls had the opportunity to speak with […]

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